A Challenge!

It’s been a long time goal of mine (and many other procrastinators out there) to complete either a 365 or 52 photography project. If you are unfamiliar with these it’s quite a simple concept. A 365 project involves taking a picture a day and a 52 project is one picture a week. Some times there are themes to each photo goal, but many times it is open ended. I’ve tried to do the 365 many time and usually fail around the 3rd week. It just gets tough for me to keep up with it. This year I’ve decided to bite off a little less and just try one photo a week, and so far, knock on wood, I’m keeping up with it.

Here are my first five weeks:
Week 01

Luke gives me a cunning grin.

Luke gives me a cunning grin.

Week 02

wk02 brooke aussie pitbull mutt dog puppy soccer ball

Brooke and his favorite ball. Sadly, mister soccer ball finally met his match when he lots too much air and Brooke finally tore a giant hold in him.

Week 03

wk03 vivienne dachshund doxie dapple dog puppy

My littlest princess, Vivienne, and her sweet, sweet face.

Week 04

04wk vera dachshund doxie dog

Vera is much bigger in spirit than she is body. She can hold her own in a game of tug-o-war though

Week 05

wk05 Brooke rolling in grass aussie pitbull dog puppy

Brooke LOVES to roll in the grass and stretch out. He’s so funny when he does it.

Now, it’s not too late to join in, so please, share with me your weekly adventure – whatever they may be!! Through out the year I’ll suggest a theme for the week and will hand out prizes to the participants. Post your photos on my Facebook page wall, or post a link to your photo in the comments here. Please include your email address and week date for all photos. Also, don’t worry that I might be on a different week number than you. Just start! I’ll be posting week date ranges for any themes or challenges so it won’t matter if it’s week 1 or week 33 for you.


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